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Has your marriage come to an end? Are you considering separation?

Call Sonny S. Parhar, our experienced family law counsel, to protect your rights and interests.  Appointments available at our offices in downtown Vancouver and Triton Centre in Surrey.

We will protect your rights.

Sonny S. Parhar has practiced family law since being called to the bar in 2002. Whether your matter concerns a parenting time or parenting rights, child support, spousal support, division of family property and debt, access or pension entitlement, Sonny will protect your rights and will aggressively advance your interests. He has a particular interest in ensuring the best interests of his client’s children are met and that his client’s rights with respect to parenting their children are protected.

Protect your financial interests
The end of a marriage can be the most difficult event in a person’s life. Financial affairs need to be settled, property needs to be divided and support often needs to be arranged. This can be an emotionally charged and very difficult time. The first objective is to find amicable solutions if and where possible to save our clients time and money. Sonny is experienced in assisting parties and protecting their legal rights when preparing settlement agreements and resolving matters through mediation and arbitration.

In some cases resolution through court cannot be avoided. Sonny has successfully taken his client’s matters to the Supreme Court of British Columbia and the British Columbia Court of Appeal and has obtained substantial and favourable awards on their behalf.

Do you have children and are you concerned about fair child support obligations?
Your children have a right to support from both parents.  Call Sonny for a calculation of fair child support obligations, imputed levels of income, guideline support and extraordinary expenses. Click on the following link – B.C. CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATOR - to determine the table amount of child support applicable to your situation.

You have a right to see your children and raise them
Too often, children become pawns in a marital dispute. If your parenting rights are being denied and you are being denied a meaningful relationship with your children, call Sonny to discuss your rights and pursue an aggressive strategy to ensure that the best interests of your children are being met and placed at the forefront.

Have you relied on the financial support of your spouse throughout your marriage?
In many cases, one spouse is the major income earner in the family. This is often only possible because the other spouse has forgone career opportunities, raised children and managed the household while the major income earner advanced his or her career.  In many cases, the spouse that has sacrificed a career or stayed at home and supported the major income earner through the household is entitled to spousal support through monthly support payments or a lump sum. Call Sonny for a free consultation to discuss fair entitlement to spousal support.

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