Police Conduct

Across Canada and particularly in British Columbia, civil proceedings against police officers are becoming more common.  In many cases, individual police officers cannot be held personally liable for their conduct under Canadian law because personal liability has been limited by the government under various statutes.  In most cases, provisions in the same law allow for the employers of the police officers to be held responsible under what is referred to as vicarious liability.

Police misconduct cases are a particularly intricate and require knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel to assess and commence them appropriately and to see them through to their conclusion.  Remedies which may be available at law include reinstatement of rank and/or employment with the police force and/or damages and compensation for police misconduct or use of force.

Walter Kosteckyj is a former member of the R.C.M.P. and has worked on numerous high profile police misconduct files and use of authority cases and inquiries and has the experience to assess your case and provide you with sound legal advice in this area.  Walter has worked on police misconduct cases ranging from sexual harassment within a police force to excessive use of force by officers causing bodily injury or death.

Contact Walter for a confidential consultation regarding your police conduct matter at (604) 742 – 2290 or send him an e-mail at walter@kosparlaw.com .