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If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision causing you any type of injury, call the experienced personal injury lawyers at Kosteckyj & Parhar before you call I.C.B.C. What you say to ICBC could negatively impact your ability to recover a just and fair settlement or judgment.

The ICBC Adjuster
If you are involved in motor vehicle accident in British Columbia, you will typically be dealing with your claims for injuries, wages, treatment and expenses through I.C.B.C. From the very first contact you have with the insurance corporation, ICBC will be looking for defences against your claim.  Anything you say can and will be used against you.

The insurance adjuster you deal with may not be concerned with your best interests.  When you deal with ICBC they are also typically the insurance company for the other driver involved in your claim. Being the insurance company for both parties creates an inherent conflict of interest. Additionally, the adjuster you will be dealing with will want to pay you the least amount possible to settle your claim on behalf of the insurance corporation. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer representing your best interests so that you have the ability to obtain a fair settlement or a just award in Court.

From the very beginning, the ICBC adjuster is tasked with obtaining information about you to be used against you. If you are not represented by a lawyer you will be asked to provide a statement without legal advice.  You will also be asked to sign authorizations for ICBC so that the corporation can collect detailed information about you. You need an experienced lawyer on your side to ensure that your best interests are protected from the beginning.  Call Kosteckyj & Parhar for a free initial consultation (604) 742 - 2285.

Limitation Periods
You have two years from the date of your motor vehicle collision to file your claim in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. If you fail to file your claim within the limitation period, your claim will be statute barred and you will no longer have the ability to pursue your claim against the party at fault.

Beware of low ball offers early in your claim
ICBC is an insurance company. When dealing with your claim, the companies’ objective is to close your file as quickly as possible for the least amount you are willing to accept. In many cases where the fault of the accident is not in issue, you will typically see unreasonable or low offers to settle your claim also known as “fast money up front”.  These offers are used to entice injured and unrepresented parties to settle for quick cash.  Settling early for less than what your claim is worth is not in your best interest, especially if you have serious and ongoing injuries. Once you take a settlement and sign a release, your ability to pursue you claim is over. You need the experienced personal injury lawyers at Koteckyj & Parhar on your team to properly asses your claim so that you receive fair compensation.

Seek out medical assistance early and follow your doctor’s orders
It is very important for you to seek the best medical care available right from the beginning of your claim so that you have the best opportunity to recover from your injuries. Additionally, taking steps to ensure that your personal medical history is well documented from the beginning of your claim may be very crucial. Details and specifics of your injuries need to be documented by medical professionals who will assist the court with their objective and unbiased opinions.

It is very important for your recovery and for your legal claim that you remain under the care of medical professionals throughout your case.  Your family doctor is an important part of your road to recovery.

No-Fault Benefits
No fault benefits are available to all parties injured in a motor vehicle accident in British Columbia, regardless of whose fault the accident was. No-fault benefits can include therapy such as massage, chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy and can also include wage loss benefits in some circumstances. ICBC will often use your no-fault benefits to collect information and will also want to cover and pay out for as few benefits as possible. You will need an experienced law firm to handle and circumnavigate your claims for no-fault benefits